Valentine's Day only comes once a year, so you know you have to go all out for your loved ones when the time comes. Usually people plan home-cooked dinners, maybe purchase a nice box of chocolates, or even nab reservations at a high-end restaurant—but most people don't plan to go out and spend $26,000 on a flower arrangement.

The Cullinan

The Cullinan

The Cullinan

$20,000 at
Credit: Edura Roses

Yes, you read that right. Endura Roses, a shop focusing on couture arrangements in the U.K., is currently selling a V-day bouquet for a serious chunk of change. Modeled after the shape of The Cullinan diamond—which is also the name of the flower arrangement—the pricy package stands over 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide, and has been dubbed the World's Most Expensive Bouquet by the shop itself.

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Courtesy of Endura Flowers

Described as a towering forest of roses, The Cullinan arrangement also has some impressive pieces tucked away inside. Encased in glass à la Beauty and the Beast are two heart-shaped roses intertwined, said to personify the essence of love (or maybe just a thick wallet) and two rare Callinan diamonds because obviously, just flowers are never enough.

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Courtesy of Endura Rose

The flower tower also includes a rose preserved in 24-carat gold, rare roses imported from Ecuador, roses in the shape of hearts, and to top it all off, each individual blossom is showered with sparkling diamond dust. Seriously.

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Courtesy of Endura Flowers

Bonus: You can get your $26k bouquet box engraved, free of charge, with purchase!

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