Joanna Gaines has shared her tips for cleaning, gardening and even parenting but the HGTV star still has a few more tricks up her denim sleeves. The co-host of Fixer Upper just revealed how she nails her summer flower arrangements, and it's a secret even the shiplap-adverse will like.

Instead of tossing leftover basil, she pops the kitchen staple into a bouquet for extra fullness, with the added bonus of a fresh scent.

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Even if you're not cooking, trimming your basil plant becomes necessary once it starts to flower. A healthy pruning encourages the plant to grow more leaves, and it comes back bigger and healthier than before.

On the flipside, if you've used up all of your basil for homemade pesto (yum!), other herbs will do the trick. Experiment with sprigs of rosemary, mint and thyme to get the same lush and sweet-smelling effect.

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Accent greenery with white ranunculus, poppy pods and fresh lemons. Punch a skewer into the fruit to prop it up against the blooms.
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Feeling inspired to make a bouquet of your own? Check out our 50 favorite flower arrangements for more gorgeous ideas.

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