We first heard rumors swirl about Joanna Gaines working with Jennifer Lopez to fix up the oceanfront Malibu beach home she shared with Alex Rodriguez back in March 2019—and a lot has happened since. For starters, a pandemic broke out, J.Lo and A-Rod broke up, J.Lo married Ben Affleck, and Chip and Joanna Gaines launched Magnolia Network—to name a few! But if you're still wondering what ever happened with this budding collab, you're not alone. Here's the full scoop.

First, let's go way back and take a look at how the unexpected duo came to be. J.Lo publicized her love for Gaines on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when she revealed that the two had shared a quick FaceTime call, all thanks to A-Rod. "I'm obsessed with Fixer Upper," J.Lo explained on the talk show. "And we actually got a 'fixer upper' next to the water. And I was like, wouldn't it be amazing to have [Joanna] do our house? But she doesn't do anything outside of Waco."

Long story short, on their two-year anniversary, A-Rod was set on getting Jo from Waco, Texas, to Malibu. He arranged the call between the two, and they must have really hit it off. "Jennifer wanted to walk the space with Joanna in person," a source told People. "They’re both extremely busy, but it’s hard to take on any kind of home project without actually seeing the space."

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It appeared that this dream team was ready to make some magic on the West Coast—they were first spotted by TMZ outside of the California home, with a camera crew in tow. While we were hoping Chip and Joanna Gaines would do a Fixer Upper spinoff special, that fantasy never saw the light of day, and any footage from the visit has yet to surface. Shortly after, J.Lo and A-Rod visited the Gaineses in Waco.

We envisioned a lifetime of cross-country visits and family barbecues for the couples. Alas, J.Lo and A-Rod broke up in April, 2021 (bad news for that potential foursome of besties, but good news for Ben Affleck).

Even before the split, in July of 2020, J.Lo and A-Rod sold the home for 6.775 million—after purchasing it for $6.6 million. It sold less than two months after it was listed, The Wall Street Journal reported. While the listing description revealed that the home was "reworked for a masterful redesign in mind," it's unclear if the Gaineses ended up helping with a reno or if they simply shared some advice. The listing only included exterior shots of the home, adding even more mystery, as there were no shiplap clues to follow.

We love to imagine J.Lo and A-Rod took advice from the Gaineses, even if that only meant hanging inspirational decorative signs. Who knows, maybe there's a chance we'll see some of the lost footage from the time the couples spent together in A-Rod's possible future documentary? In the meantime, perhaps J.Lo will tap the HGTV star duo for help designing the $64 million Pacific Palisades home she recently purchased with Affleck.

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