There's no denying that blogger Joanna Goddard, of Cup of Jo, is the arbiter of all things cool—from book recommendations to recipes to, of course, interior design. When Goddard revealed her latest home tour, it quickly became design canon. Though the multi-hyphenate has lived in this New York-based townhouse for the past six years with her two sons and ex-husband Alex Williams, from whom she separated in February 2023, the new-and-improved space offers a new a whole new vibe—one that's just as cheery and inviting as her popular site.

Commenters showered her with love the recent Instagram post debuting the setup: "living room goals!" Her blog post, "Our Brooklyn Family Home, Six Years Later," revealed so many of Goddard's design preferences—and we specifically can't get over the sofa she chose for the family room.

Though Goddard originally had two sofas in her living room, she traded them in for Maiden Home's Varick sectional—a move that has encouraged guests to kick back, relax, and connect. "They have lots of options (fabrics, colors, lengths, etc), and we chose the Varick, which feels relaxed and comfy—think: oversized arms, low-slung profile, long cushions," she added in her post. "Now we regularly stretch out for naps, movie nights, board games, holidays with lots of guests… My friend said it instantly turned our home into the party house, which I love."

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The Varick

The Varick

The Varick

$3,175 at

"Once or twice a week, we’ll invite people over in the evenings," Goddard elabroated. "We keep it very casual and order pizza and salads or make ice cream sundaes."

With over 280,000 followers on Instagram, the Cup of Jo blogger isn't only adored for her impeccable style: She has a certain frankness that feels refreshing when discussing life's more difficult moments. Naturally, decorating a house for three is no exception. From choosing to leave family photos with her ex up to reimagining her primary bedroom into a pink-clad "womb," Goddard focused on making her home her happy place.

"During ups and downs over the past few years, I’ve wanted my kids to feel safe and loved, so I’ve tried to follow the guidance of smart women: Make home feel like a haven and let your eyes light up when you see your child," she wrote. "Sometimes the important things are actually the simplest, don’t you think? Even when life gets chaotic, these two things I can do."

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