Valspar Cape Sands

Cape Sands

Valspar Cape Sands

Credit: valspar

Erin Napier knows selecting a bold paint color can be daunting. If you’re worried about going overboard with a vibrant shade—specifically in the pink family—she has you covered with a subtle paint that’ll ease you into the world of color: Cape Sands by Valspar.

“If you're going to paint with pink, choose a dusty one with a yellow undertone that leans peach, like Cape Sands by @valsparpaint,” the HGTV star wrote in an Instagram post. “It reads as a neutral in natural light, never babyish or bubblegummy.”

Available at Lowe’s and other independent retailers, Cape Sands makes a stellar alternative to any in-your-face pink color. Since it has more of an orange undertone, it’ll warm up any space. Use it to cover kitchen cabinetry, as Napier showed in her post, or drench a living room in the shade for an inviting atmosphere.

If you’re into this shade but think it would be perfect if it was a little darker, Valspar sells four other shades to consider: Grecco Peach, Resort Peach, Mesa Sand, and Pale Powder. It costs about $52 for a gallon of any shade in a satin finish, but you can also try them out in matte, eggshell, or semi-gloss finishes at around the same price. And if you're ready to dive full force into other pink paint colors, you'll definitely want to check out these options.

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