A primary bathroom that resembles those found in five-star luxury hotels may be a coveted feature for any homeowner. But would you give up a bedroom to make it a reality? That's exactly what Christina Hall's clients did during the latest episode of her HGTV show Christina on the Coast—and the $179,200 project may rank as one of her priciest Renos yet.

When Christina's clients moved into their Seal Beach, California, home four years ago, they loved everything about it except for the primary bedroom and primary bathroom. Built in the 1960s, the home came with a fairly small primary bathroom with a single sink. In the bedroom, the closet was a walk-in, but it wasn't enough space to house both the wife's and husband's wardrobes. They decided they were willing to expand the spaces by using one of their grown daughters' bedrooms after she moved out. Their target budget for the project was $125,000.

Christina and her work husband James Bender decided to combine the original primary bathroom and closet space and turn the daughter's bedroom into their new closet. Tasked with transforming the bathroom into a resort-level oasis, the dream team incorporated a wet room with floor-to-ceiling marble for an instantly lavish look. Encompassing the shower and freestanding tub, the wet room "could fit like 20 people," Christina remarked during the episode. In the resulting bathroom oasis, a new vanity includes two light-up mirrors above two sinks. Penny tile flooring warms up the space, as does charcoal-colored storage and brass hardware throughout.

The closet was divided into two sections: his and hers, each equipped with shelving and racks for organized displays. The bedroom was also upgraded to include a shiplap accent wall, which Christina and James installed themselves to save money, and painted in charcoal to match the bathroom vanity. The total cost came to $179,200, which certainly makes it one of Christina’s pricier renos—but it seems well worth it!

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